• July 23-25: Guanjing and Xianpeng attended the 1st Youth Workshop of Cotton Professional Committee at Crop Science Society of China (中国作物学会棉花专业委员会第一届青年学术研讨会) at Alaer, Xinjiang. Xianpeng gave an oral presentation entitled “Regulatory gene network analysis of cotton fiber development”(棉花纤维发育基因转录调控网络解析).
  • June 27: Welcome Xueyuan Ma join the lab as research assistant! ! 欢迎马学远作为科研助理加入团队
  • June 15: Welcome the 2022 class of sgraduate students joining the lab for summer internship! 欢迎2022级的新同学们开启实验室实习
  • April 27: Welcome Yulin Huang join the lab as the lab manager! 欢迎黄宇琳加入成为实验室管理员


  • Aug 5: Welcome Ya Zhang join the lab as research assistant! 欢迎张雅作为科研助理加入团队
  • Aug 3: Welcome Dr. Tahir Mahmood join the lab! 欢迎Tahir Mahmood 博士加入团队
  • July 15: Welcome Xuan Liu and Wenting Song to the lab for summer internship! 欢迎刘璇和宋汶亭到实验室实习
  • July 1: Congratulations to Lulu on earning her master’s degree! 庆祝露露获得硕士学位
  • Mar 27: We are now moving from the 1st compus to the 2nd (or transitional) companus. 我们搬家到第二所区了
  • Mar 11: Welcome Lulu Zhao join the lab as research assistant! 欢迎赵露露作为研究生科研助理加入团队
  • Feb 1: Welcome Dr. De Zhu officially join the lab! 欢迎祝德博士加入团队
  • Jan 12: Welcome Qianqian Wu join the lab as research assistant! 欢迎吴倩倩作为研究生科研助理加入团队
  • Jan 7: Guanjing will give a Chinese Genomics Meet-up Online talk about “Cis-trans regulatory evolution of polyploidy and domestication in Gossypium” (棉属多倍化与驯化历程中的顺反式表达调控进化) 【YouTube Video】


  • Dec 17-20: Xianpeng attended the 1st National Crop Science Postdoctoral Academic Forum (第一届全国作物学科博士后学术论坛) at SanYa, Hainan. His oral presentation entitled “Functional Analysis of Gh4CL30 in Cotton Resistance to Verticillium Wilt”(Gh4CL30基因在棉花抗黄萎病中的功能研究)won the Excellence Award! So so pround!
  • Nov 25-28:Guanjing attended the 2020 National Conference of Systematic and Evolutionary Biology (2020全国系统与进化植物学研讨会) at the XiShuanBanNa tropical botanical garden, and gave an oral presentation entitled “Cis-trans regulatory evolution in plant polyploidy and domestication” (植物多倍化与驯化历程中的顺反式表达调控进化).
  • Nov 8-11: Guanjing attended the 19th Annual Meeting of The Crop Science Society of China at Wuhan (第十九届中国作物学会学术年会). What an amazing trip to visit the Wuhan city since the COVID outbreak!
  • Oct 16: Welcome Dr. Xianpeng Xiong join the lab as postdoc! 欢迎熊显鹏博士成为团队第一人!
  • Oct 10-14:Guanjing attended the 2020 National Congress of Plant Biology at Shenzhen (2020全国植物生物学大会).
  • Sep 23: The GHu lab at AGIS&CRI, CAAS in Shenzhen China was officially established, and this lab website was adapted from the previous personal website. 实验室开张啦!
  • Aug 30: Guanjing flew back to Shanghai, China and started a 14-day quarentine period for COVID19.